Oculus - stereo sky box in WebGL

9th January 2014

I have encountered many Oculus Rift demonstrations with a skybox that has been rendered incorrectly and makes you feel sick when looking around in the oculus. I decided to implement a skybox that looks correct in the rift - note in the source code that the perspective correction and eye offsets are applied on the matrix passed to the skybox shader too.

Live Demo

Requires Oculus Rift plugged in and installation of npvr plugin for Chrome - download the file and drag it on the 'Tools -> Extensions' page. If the demo cannot find your rift then it will just render a single camera on screen. Use the mouse to look around or rotate your head with the oculus.

Launch Full-screen


Note: this only works with DK1 and on older versions of Chrome / Firefox. This will be updated some time in the future to use browser VR (very limited currently) and support for the DK2.
Andrew Lowndes - 7th Feb 2015 12:43

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