Arduboy Image Converter

20th May 2015

There is now a github repo for this:

You can convert an image (jpg/gif/png) into a hex byte array, ready for rendering in the Arduboy. Note: no images are uploaded, they are only converted locally in your browser.

Advanced options
Scale to fit Scale to fill No scaling
Luminance Average Red Green Blue Alpha
No Yes
Width: -px
Height: -px


Thanks for this great tool :)
Scott - 11th Jun 2015 21:53
This is very nice indeed. Good work. The layout is clean and it's easy to use.
Ross - 7th May 2016 10:41
This really is awesome!
Kevin - 28th Jul 2016 13:08
Really useful, thanks!!
Jose Fabio - 29th Oct 2016 17:56
THANK YOU! You're a life saver, thanks for this wonderful tool.
Aldous - 3rd Apr 2017 08:31
This worked great!
I've been trying to connect an adafruit Huzzah Feather with a Wavepaper 7.5in e-ink/e-paper display. Tried a few other online image to hex array converters but this is the only one that worked for me.
Thank you!
Jon - 18th Feb 2018 06:09
What a great tool! Thanks!
Matt Vic - 25th Jan 2019 21:23
Thanks a bunch! I've used this tool a dozen times. Perfect feature set and perfectly reliable.
Daniel - 21st May 2019 22:24
Great tool! I use this ALL THE TIME and I love it. It is to simple and easy to use! Great job!
John - 26th Dec 2019 22:36
woah this is good thx ;)
ANONYMOUS - 9th Oct 2020 22:00
Thank you for including the "no scaling" option, i went through converters for an hour and this is the only one that outputs proper 1 bit per pixel in hex, and doesn't pad, scale or reformat the result :)
Ghlargh - 14th Jun 2021 16:38

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