3D video player for Oculus Rift DK2

31st August 2014


How-to use

  1. Ensure 'Rift Display Mode' is set to 'Extend Desktop to the HMD' and is landscape
  2. Drag the viewer to the oculus screen and press F11 (full-screen mode)
  3. You can pause/play the video inside of the oculus with the space key


I am running the DK2 on a Mac. How do I do step 1 and 2?
Stefan - 4th Sep 2014 16:15
@Stefan the DK2 is extended (acts as a secondary display) by default in Mac isn't it. Open the DK2 Viewer window on the rift screen and make it full screen (⌘-Shift-F). If you are using mirroring instead of extended display, you can just open the dk2 viewer fullscreen in the main screen and it will look correct when viewed in the rift.
Andrew Lowndes - 4th Sep 2014 21:00
where is the download button? cant see it...
Alex - 9th Sep 2014 15:31
@Alex The website is the application. If you wish, you could save the entire page (and contents) to a folder on your desktop and then open the website from there. In Chrome you can save using Ctrl+S. Note: Clicking the 'Open 3D SBS MP4' button does not upload anything - it just reads the MP4 file from your hdd and loads it into the DK2 Viewer.
Andrew Lowndes - 9th Sep 2014 17:24
hi, i want use this please, thanks
Sang Jin Lee - 11th Sep 2014 05:49
This was awesome! But I kinda hate the fact that the people are throwing fruit at my head. :D
marttico - 15th Nov 2014 19:20
When I hit the button Show Dk2 viewer My viewer just shows up as black??
Dan - 28th Nov 2014 16:43
@Dan Clicking the button loads a file of the dk2 lens so that it can be used during rendering. This file is a few meg so may take some time to load. Try clicking the button again after a minute or two. Note: this demo is only supported in Google Chrome at this point in time.
Andrew Lowndes - 7th Dec 2014 15:22
Hi! I set my DK2 to extended mode. I click on DK2 Viewer, press F11 for fullscreen, but nothing happens, my DK2 only shows my desktop, but not the 3D video from your website. What did I do wrong? Thanks.
Szabby - 21st Dec 2014 12:52
@Szabby When clicking the DK2 Viewer button, a window will appear with the stereo rendering of the video. You need to drag that window to the oculus screen and then press F11 to make it fullscreen. You should be able to view it in the rift then.
Andrew Lowndes - 29th Dec 2014 10:57
wow everyone in he comments are dumb. but yeah this was super neat!
meow - 16th Feb 2015 23:29
very very nice
dr golam mostofa - 6th Jul 2015 16:34
aa - 10th Jun 2016 09:13

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